Bike Metals

image of metal

Did you know that not all bikes are created equal when it comes to metals? Some bikes are made of steel, which makes them strong but heavy. Others have aluminum, which makes them light but more fragile. Get a titanium bike and you'll have both!


image of shipping

If you buy a bike online, you may get it shipped in a large box, half-assembled. The frame will be welded together. But you'll have to put the seat, handlebars, and tires on yourself. That helps keep shipping costs down.

Bike Parts

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Bike parts are usually made separately and fit together in the end. It all starts off with a metal frame, then handlebars, then the seat. Tires are made in-house but usually put on later after the bike has been shipped.

Picking a Bike

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Are you looking to get a new bike? Maybe you have a nice beach cruiser but are excited to start mountain biking. Different bikes serve separate functions. Your beach cruiser will definitely not do well on a mountainside. Pick the right bike for your needs.

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